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Software Engineer Intern Resume Template: Full Guide

November 6, 2023
Software Engineer Intern Resume Template: Full Guide

How long should my Software Engineer Internship Resume be?

Remember, your software engineer resume is your code that needs to execute successfully within the span of a recruiter's glance. Keep it one page. One column. A snapshot of your burgeoning career at the bottom. It's about being impactful, not exhaustive.

How to write a Software Engineer Internship Resume (Guide and Tips)

Section 1: Personal Information - Your Contact Header

Sample Personal Info Section

  • Your Name: Let it shine at the top!
  • LinkedIn: Your professional handshake.
  • GitHub: Your digital portfolio.
  • Phone: Optional, but convenient.

Initiate your resume with these essentials. Think of your LinkedIn and GitHub as the 'URLs' to your professional persona and repository of achievements. Unsure about adding your number? Consider the trade-off between privacy and accessibility.

Section 2: Education - Your Academic Backbone

Sample Education Info Section

Your education section should quickly tell recruiters where you're studying and when you're expected to graduate. This is crucial because it helps them understand if you qualify for internships or new grad positions.

  • College/University: Name your institution.
  • Graduation Date: When will you be done? Make it clear.

Pro Tip: Feature "Relevant Coursework" if your experience column feels a bit light. It's about showcasing the subjects where you've excelled and are pertinent to the job you're eyeing.

Section 3: Experience - Your Professional Milestones

Sample Experience Info Section

Can't fill this out? No worries—boost your Education and Projects. But if you do, here's how to nail it:

  • Use the STAR format: Situation, Task, Action, Result.
  • Past tense for past roles: It's a story told.
  • Quantify achievements: Numbers resonate.

Each bullet point is a mini-narrative of your triumphs. Lead with the outcome and pepper it with quantifiable feats.

Section 4: Projects - Your Showcase

Sample Projects Info Section

Your projects are the tangible evidence of your skills. Emphasize these just as much, if not more, when experience is sparse.

  • Again, STAR format for coherence.
  • Quantify: User growth, performance improvements, anything with numbers.

Haven't completed any projects? Dont worry! Check out our extensive list of project ideas and tutorials across numerous different languages.

Section 5: Technical Skills - The Arsenal

Sample Skills Info Section

The tech playground is vast. Pinpoint three areas:

  • Languages: The alphabets you speak in code.
  • Frameworks: The structures you navigate with ease.
  • Tools/Libraries: Your instruments that bring ideas to life.

Be honest—these are as much for the recruiter as they are potential talking points in an interview.

Software Engineer Internship Resume Template

A resume isn't just about listing facts. It's your narrative arc. From the educational roots that ground you to the skills that propel you forward, each section is a chapter that builds the character recruiters want to invest in. And in this story, you're the hero in the making.

Ready to draft your own? Begin with this template and let your unique story unfold.

Sample Resume

Remember, while we've given you the template, it's your individuality and the personal touches that will make your resume not just a document, but a testament to your potential.

Now that you have created a great resume, apply and secure your dream internship or new grad role!